About us

Printing presses have been around since the 15th century and without them nothing would work in publishing, newspapers, textiles or many other sectors. At the same time, the machines are very expensive and of massive size. Once purchased, they are difficult to get rid of. Aren’t they?

No, because this is where we come in! Our team takes care of marketing your used printing presses worldwide and finding the right buyer for you.

The potential for used printing presses is huge.

Today’s printing presses have nothing in common with their predecessors in the Middle Ages. There are different printing principles like the platen press or the rotary press. The materials that are printed on can also differ depending on the industry: Paper, cardboard, textiles, plastics or other materials. The printing industry is very broad and especially in publishing and media, printing presses are the most important means to the final product. Without printing presses, there would be no books, no newspapers, and no magazines.

However, printing presses are also expensive, both to buy and to maintain. If you want to buy a new press, you are often faced with the problem of what to do with the old one. Unlike cars or household items, there is no established second-hand market for printing presses, and used printing presses cannot simply be put up for sale on one of the usual sales portals on the Internet.

Equiptorg markets your printing press.

In order to preserve the printing industry’s machine stock and to reintroduce it into the market cycle, we founded Equiptorg, the marketplace for used printing machines. As a print shop, you can advertise your used machines with us free of charge and for an unlimited period of time and market them worldwide. Because a used machine is always needed somewhere! We bring you together with potential buyers and create a fair basis for negotiation.

You are also welcome to join us as a machine dealer! For a small membership fee we will set up your own store and publish your stock on the Internet so that interested parties worldwide can access your offer.

With us, you get the possibility with advertising banners or advertisements to draw attention to your offer and to win potential customers.

You can also advertise your services as a freight forwarder and offer the transport of heavy printing presses as a service, as the complex machines require carefully planned and executed transport.

Market used machinery in the printing industry through us and help to sustainably save resources and protect the environment. After all, every resold used press represents both a reduction in waste and a saving of existing resources.

Our services at a glance.

Here you will find an overview of Equiptorg’s services:

  • Worldwide marketing of used machinery in the printing industry
  • Bringing together sellers and buyers/interested parties
  • Setting up a store for machine dealers and publishing own inventories
  • Placing of advertising banners and advertisements for your service
  • Promoting your service as a forwarder

If you want to learn more about our offer or if you have any questions about us, contact us now! We are looking forward to hearing from you!