2006. Autocatter Nagano (Morgana) CT620EXA

  • 21. октября 2020 17:26
  • Germany
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Card Maker Cutter Print
Autocutter CT620EXA Business
SRA3+ A3/4 Card Maker Cutter Print
Year: 2006
Counter 1,2 mil

Paper cutting up to A3 Wide paper (318mmx469.5mm)

Automatically cut A3 Wide paper into:
Business cards: 20 sheets
Postcards: 8 sheets
A4 paper: 2 sheets

A3 Wide paper: 7 sheets/min.
Business cards: 100 sheets/45 sec.
Postcards: 100 sheets/2 min

Fine paper, rough paper, copy paper, art paper, coated paper
A4, A4 Wide, B4, A3 and A3 Wide with 0.12mm to 0.4mm thick.

Clean printing by automatic document feeding and cutting up to 500 sheets (0.12mm thick) using air suction system