Tips for Selling on EquiptOrg

Advice on listing on EquiptOrg
EquiptOrg’s capabilities allow you to present your machine to a maximum number of interested buyers.
We estimate that 75% of buyers find the machine they want online.

Maximum information about the machine

We recommend that the title of the ad should be in the format:
Year of manufacture. Model Type.

In the equipment description box, enter all relevant information for the possible buyer:

  • The technical details of this machine
  • Installed options
  • Counters readings
  • Indicate the dates of overhaul, replacement of important parts and assemblies
  • Describe the technical condition of the machine.

Visual presentation

A buyer gets a first impression of your machine from photos and videos.
Photos and videos of your machine are a great eye-catcher and can play a decisive role in the
quality photos and videos are an eye-catcher and play an important role in the decision to invest in your machine.

Before you start taking photos and videos:

  • Remove all foreign objects from the machine (pallets, tools, rags, etc.)
  • Remove any supports, rubber bands, harnesses and other non-manufacturer’s items.
  • Put all covers back in place.
  • Remove dust from machine surfaces and peripherals.
  • Ensure adequate lighting.


  • Take close-up photos of the equipment from all sides.
  • Photograph each machine’s component parts and peripheral parts such as control panel, compressor, electrical cabinet, refrigerator etc…
  • We recommend taking photos of damaged or restored machine parts.
  • Photos of counters and type plates are also needed to make a decision when buying your equipment.


  • Start with a general view of the complete machine or production line.
  • Show the material flow from the time it enters the machine to the time it reaches the end product.
  • Show the operation of the machine at different speeds.
  • Finally demonstrate the finished product.
  • Turn off extraneous sounds (radio, music, etc.).