Eurofold 435 SA Automatic pockets

  • 24. September 2021 19:54
  • Poland


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Folding machine
Eurofold 435 SA Automatic pockets

It is the latest product of the Swiss company Multigraf AG.
Perfect condition, ready for production,
Machine purchased from small digital printing.
The machine has 4 electronically positioned pockets, very quick settings, high precision.
Vacum feeder, soundproofing covers.
The set with the machine includes accessories, i.e. a user manual, a set for creasing.
The machine is ideal for pharmacy due to a small column of about 20mm.
Electric delivery with smooth regulation of the delivery speed.
Smooth regulation of the folding speed.
Becker compressor.
Format 35 × 55 cm

The counter-driver performs the following functions
• setting the desired format
• setting the fold type (setting the pockets from the desktop)
• setting a specific batch of material
• setting the duration of the pause between the individual batches of sheets
• an indication of the total amount of material processed
• indication of the working speed (quantity / hour)
• programming of the duration of the suction
• programming of the pulse duration for the distance between the sheets.
The weight of the processed paper – 40 – 240 g / cm2
Productivity, A4 / hour – up to 30,000
230V power supply