Horizon booklet making line VAC-100a + VAC-100m + SPF-20a + FC-20a

  • 25. September 2021 8:28
  • Poland


  • Category : Saddle stitcher lines


booklet making line
HorizonVAC-100a + VAC-100m + SPF-20a + FC-20a

The line consists of:
– Horizon VAC-100A / VAC-100m
Max format: 350x500mm
Min format: 120x148mm
Vacuum collection
10 shelves
stack height 55mm
basis weight 40-270g
230V power supply
weight 310kg / item
The towers are the latest generation with new compressors installed in 2020

Control from the touch screen
Jam sensor, dual feeding, no administration
The ability to save 9 permanent jobs to the machine’s memory

Horizon SPF-20A
Set from touch display
Weight 500kg
wire sewing
two Hohner heads

Horizon FC-20A
4-5mm cut
230V power supply
Weight 244 kg

This is one of the latest models of Horizon machines.
Setting the entire machine from the desktop.
Production Japan.