Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT

  • 24. May 2023 11:46
  • Germany
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT


Professional stack cutter EBA 721-06 LT
with 3 knives
Year of manufacture 2007

Machine equipment:
Electromechanical drive for knives;
hydraulic drive for pressing beam;
infinitely variable pressing pressure (250-2000 kg) with visual display;
pluggable press bar cover with snap lock and visual indicator; electro-mechanical drive for back gauge via precision spindle (speed 53 mm/sec.);
Air table on front and rear table;
Foot pedal for prepressing or as a cutting uter;
optical sectional viewer with light emitting diodes (LEDs);
Stainless steel table tops on front and side tables;
high quality HSS cutting knife;
swing cut that is gentle on the material;
All-steel knife carrier, guided and adjustable on both sides; knife draft adjustment;
Side tables right and left

Safety equipment “SCS” (SAFETY CUTTING SYSTEM):
Electronically protected front table area via safety light barrier and transparent rear table cover; safety two-hand cut release with simultaneity control and repeat lock; automatic return of knife and press bar from any position; switch lock and lockable main switch; knife changing device with covered knife edge; 24-volt control; paper impact angle.

Backgauge control:
99 memory programs with max. 99 steps each;
Chain dimension programming with up to 9 steps possible in the program; program sequence automatic with cut monitoring in program and memory mode;
Direct input of dimensions via numeric keypad;
3 memory keys for fixed dimensions (freely programmable);
electronic digital measure display with 1/10 mm display accuracy;
Set key for reference dimension;
electronic handwheel with infinitely variable speed regulation of the backgauge;
Quick search button for fast forward and backward running of the backgauge; automatic dimension correction in case of backgauge displacement;
Memory mode for repetitive cuts (at the touch of a button),
additional automatic memory; paper ejection function (EJECT) with and without program operation (feed path programmable); delete (DELETE), insert (INSERT) and overwrite of program steps possible; integrated calculator (4 basic arithmetic operations);
Self-diagnosis system with error indication in the display;
Metric/Inch Switching.

Cutting length (mm) 720
Insert height (mm) 80
Insertion depth (mm) 720
Residual cut without press beam cover 20 mm, with press beam cover 90mm
Width without/with side tables: 1305 / 2100 mm,
Depth without/with side tables: 1500 / 1600 mm,
Height: 1335 mm
Total motor power: 1.5 kW,
Mains connection: 400 V / 50 Hz / 3 ~
Weight: 620 kg

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