Technotrans beta.f dampening solution – fine filtration

  • 4. July 2023 9:38
  • Germany
Technotrans beta.f dampening solution – fine filtration


Technotrans beta.f dampening solution – fine filtration
from 2006

Indispensable for alcohol-reduced and alcohol-free printing or special printing applications (e.g. special inks, white coating) that heavily contaminate the dampening solution.
Higher machine speeds lead to greater contamination of the dampening solution. Optimizing dampening solution quality noticeably reduces the cost of consumables, maintenance and disposal.

The compact beta.f is based on a two-stage filtration principle, with the pre-filter system using filter cartridges to thoroughly pre-clean the dampening solution and relieve the main filter module.
In the subsequent main filter, intensive dampening solution cleaning is performed by a high-performance depth filter. Integrated pressure sensors constantly monitor the quality of the filter modules. This results in a consistently clean dampening solution and a cleaned system, from the dampening solution tank to the dampening solution troughs of the printing units.
The intervals between dampening solution changes are extended many times over through the use of beta.f, if not superfluous Purchasing and disposal costs are significantly reduced. Minimized cleaning effort on the press results in a significant reduction in operating costs and maximum press availability at the same time

The advantages at a glance:

Compact and user friendly
Particularly suitable when using UV and spot colors
Ideal filtration quality and filter service life
Reduction of disposal costs
Reduction of consumables
Significant reduction in maintenance costs
Easy filter change
Safe and efficient

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